We’re a black-owned grocery store full of professional, friendly staff who are driven to suit your needs. When you shop at our market, you’re bound to find amazing items you’ll love. Numerous options create the opportunity to have many different foods to choose from. You’ll enjoy shopping with us.

Our Story

Responding to the need for merchandise, we've decided to give you the best of what we have to offer. Have fun cooking and eating delicious meals made with the items available at our store.

Our Products

We'll give you top-quality products to cook with in your kitchen. You'll love working with our talented staff on purchasing unique foodstuffs.



Available food is reasonably priced and we have a wide variety of old fashioned Southern rations. Introducing specialties to you is our pleasure. We would be more than happy to give you efficient assistance.


We’ll provide you with the right spices to sprinkle onto your meals. You’ll be delighted to work with our experts on finding the proper flavors for your enjoyment.


Tasting our meat gives you the option of eating from an awesome selection of grub made by the grocery shop. Serving you the best of what we have to provide is our specialty.

Hot Sauces

Quality sauces allow for you to select from various choices. We have a multifold of add-ons you can bring home.

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